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San Diego Swingers - Sex Clubs and Online ProfilesWelcome San Diego Swingers! We have all the information you desire about becoming a swinging couple! We’re excited to show you around. There is a quick and easy to use toolbar located at the top of the page to help you easily locate the information you’re after!

We’re all about being sexy and pleasing those we love.. or like. Let’s face it, sex is about feeling good and making your dreams come true. That’s why you’re here! To make your dreams come true. So let’s get started!

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Who Are We?

We cater to the needs of those who would like to get back into the ‘swing’ of things and start off on the right foot so to speak. We believe that being informed is an important part of making a life decision. We really hope you enjoy our site!

What Can I Expect to Find Here?

The information provided comes from people who also enjoy the swinger’s life. It is based on first-hand knowledge and extensive research. Do you want to know what a threesome entails? Check out our Threesomes page!

Meet Swingers in San Diego

This is the swinging lifestyle site where you meet swingers in San Diego. Check out our listing of San Diego sex clubs.

New to Swinging?

Are you new to the swingers lifestyle? If so, be sure to browse our tutorials

Swinging 101
Swingers Etiquette
Wife Swaps

San Diego Swingers and Friends

Hey Friends! Looking for hot, steamy, fun activities? Connect and hookup with other people. Find something sexy to pass your downtime below!

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  1. Sounds like you are a perfect match for me. 55 yo, white, but of a beer belly, siwnged, with my X Wife about 9 years ago, and want to do it again, Sole. Can you let me know where and who I should work with to make this happen.
    Kisses and much more.


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